čtvrtek 28. srpna 2008


Hi all good people,

welcome to my sparse thought sharing corner.
I really don't plan to post very often here but when the time comes I'm in state to cover some sheets of paper during one day. Not too bad, or is it? :-)

Why Cigydd and Butchery?

  1. My real surname (family name) in Czech is Řezníček that means Butcher with a diminuitive suffix. So kind of a Smallbutcher.
  2. I like Celtic culture (with the exception of religion; in that region of my heart another faith resides – the Czech prostestant Christianity ;-) ) and from this (yet foreign) culture the languages are of my greatest interest. From point 1. you can guess what Cigydd stands for. And in what language? Actually, it's Welsh.
  3. Semantically, the Butchery is also of some sense, though randomly caused. It's an appropriate description how my mind often processes things: I cut the problems down to small pieces just like a butcher does and often don't make a conclusion. It's often a pure analysis. Didn't I say catalysis?
OK, I'd like to be a catalyser of truth (maybe a catalyser to God's Truth) but that's a bit too ambitious desire. For the realm of faith Bible is here as a catalyser and in the dominion of reason, science serves this purpose well. So sometimes my thoughts could sound a bit narcistic and self-alike. But what others do by blogging? Ehm, let's say every one has his own piece of himself to bring to light so I hope my exhibitionism won't cause much harm. I enjoy the freedom and opportunity that Internet gives us to meet others and share thoughts (and also information but let's not confuse information, thoughts and meaningful thoughts). Maybe to make the world a happier place to live in, even in a measure of millimeters (or twelfths of an inch or so ;-) ).

As a good start you could visit my old home site. For those not reading Czech, I apologise – no translation is available :-( For you this b-log was started :-)